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Skate Night

"Either you skate or you sit at home." said Emanuel Beatty after “a few dazzling moves on the hardwood roller rink at Winnwood Skate Center. “It's cheaper and easier than being in the streets." he added. The Kansas City skate center offers two adult skate nights, Thursday and Sunday that are as much about the social scene as they are about skating. But the skating matters too; a lot. It is fast, smooth and flashy “"Skating gives you an opportunity to release your mind from stress, from anything. You can skate it away," said Jasmin Williams. The crowd covers a broad range of ages and backgrounds. There are veterans like Myron Frye who has been skating since 1976 as well as newcomers with wobbly legs and a hand on the wall. It doesn’t matter. the vibes are positive and flow like the cyclone of skates on the rink

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